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       Our faculty at the NPS enlarges the learning experience. The teacher are involved in the extra and co-curricular activities that are penalled into the daily routine of the students. Be it on the sports field the sphare educational or debates, teachers take an active interest and share a healthy rapport with the students. Every teachers are assigned a tutorial group. The interaction with this group goes beyond the usual facilitator's role. Pastoral and counselory roles are marged and the students benefit immensely.
       Teachers training programmes organized at NPS resource hall are a regular features and ensure that the faculty keeps abrest of the tallest developments in the field of education. The school is committed to increasing its teachers development programmes both academic and non-academic. At the NPS, we value our teacher- most invaluable resource our teachers. They in turn, not only transact the curriculum but also generate an enthusiasm for learning and a questioning, critical disposition.

Noonmati Public School
(Senior Secondary)
Choonsali, Noonmati, Ghy- 20


Sl. No Name of Teachers Father/Spouse Name DOB Qualification Designation Teaching  Exp.
1. Mr. A.K.George S/O.Mr.Mathew George 06/16/1966 MA,B.Ed PGT (Principal) 19
2. Mrs. Sutapa Mazumdar W/O. Mr.Ritesh Mazumdar 01/28/1978 M.com, B.Ed PGT(Asst.Teacher) 6
3. Mrs. Munmi Chetia Boro W/O. Mr.Pankaj Boro 10/29/1988 M.Com PGT(Asst.Teacher) 6
4. Miss Sanu D Shira D/O.Capt.M. Marak 12/31/1984 M.A,B.Ed PGT(Asst.Teacher) 6
5. Mrs. Bismita Saikia Dutta W/O. Mr.Pranjal Dutta 11/27/1976 M.A,Library Sc. PGT(Librarian) 7
6. Mrs. Meghali Chakraborty Phukan W/O.Mr.Sanjeev Kr.Phukan 09/26/1967 M.A PGT(Asst.Teacher) 6
7. Mr. Dhiraj Talukdar S/O. Mr. D.D. Talukdar 08/06/1976 BE.,M.B.A Co-Ordinator 7
8. Mr. Indra Puri S/O. Mr. Tara Puri 07/03/1973 M.A. PGT(Asst.Teacher) 9
9. Mr. Bishnu Prasad Sharma S/O. Mr.Gyan Prasad Sharma 04/27/1983 B.Sc TGT(Asst.Teacher) 10
10. Miss Neelakshi Haloi D/O.Mr. Tarani Haloi 12/01/1986 B.A,Dip. In Comp.Sc. TGT(Asst.Teacher) 6
11. Mrs. Junmoni Pachani W/O.Mr.Mridul Singha 02/08/1983 B.A,Montessori TGT(Asst.Teacher) 7
12. Mrs. Meghali Baishya W/O. Mr.Hare Krishna Baishya 03/01/1975 B.A,B.Ed TGT(Asst.Teacher) 10
13. Mrs.Trishna Talukdar W/O. Mr. Dhiraj Talukdar 05/21/1978 B.A, Dip. In Multimedia Counsellor 6
14. Miss Karabi Pathak D/O.Mr. Upananda Pathak 03/29/1982 BSc. TGT(Asst.Teacher) 6
15. Mrs.  Subita Roy Lakra D/O.Mr. Philip Lakra 01/24/1982 M.A. TGT(Asst.Teacher) 7
16. Miss Neety Choudhury D/O. OmPrakash Choudhury 10/11/1990 M.A. TGT(Asst.Teacher) 4
17. Mrs. Nazlina Choudhury D/O.Mr.Nurul Islam Choudhury 05/12/1982 B.A TGT(Asst.Teacher) 7
18. Mrs. Navanita Boro D/O.Mr.Jawahar Boro 03/12/1983 B.A TGT(Asst.Teacher) 6
19. Mr. Abhijeet Kuzur S/O. Mr. Innocent Kuzur 09/03/1976 B.A TGT(Asst.Teacher) 13
20. Miss Satabdi Kakoty D/O.Lt. Chandra Sekhar Kakoty 30/09/1989 B.A TGT(Asst.Teacher) 4
21. Gayatri Kalita D/O.Mr. Joy Charan Kalita 06/08/1990 B.A TGT(Asst.Teacher) 4
22. Mrs. Abhijita Roy Saha W/O. Mr. Bidyut Saha 02/11/1989 B.A. TGT(Asst.Teacher) 5
23. Banasmita Das D/O. Hem Kanta Das 19/10/1989 B.C.A. TGT(Asst.Teacher) 4
24. Nabanita Baruah D/O.  Loknath Baruah 23/06/1991 M.A PGT(Asst.Teacher) 5
25. Devajit Dawka S/O.D.B.Dawka 11/11/1989 M.Sc. PGT(Asst.Teacher) 5
26. Ranjit Sarma S/O. Praneswar Sarma 11/11/1989 M.Sc PGT(Asst.Teacher) 5
27. Archana Talukdar D/O. Naren Taluakdar 08-05-1992 M.A. PGT(Asst.Teacher) 4
28. Miss Sudeepta Raha D/O. Pradyut Raha 19/11/1991 M.Com PGT (Asst.Teacher) 4
29. Mrs Mitali Devi W/O.Son Moni Sarma 15/02/1982 B.A TGT (Asst.Teacher) 4
30. Miss Deepa Dutta D/O. Maniklal Dutta 22-02-1993 MSc. PGT (Asst.Teacher) 3
31. Miss Jyotirupa Saikia D/O. Khagen Saikia 04/11/1987 M.A. PGT (Asst.Teacher) 4
32. Mr. Bhabesh Kalita S/O. Birendra Kalita 01-03-1986 BP. Ed TGT (Asst.Teacher) 4
33. Mrs. Suravi Bhagawati W/O. Mr. Hemanta Bhagawati 10/09/1977 M.A. PGT (Asst.Teacher) 4
34. Mrs. Dipanjali Barman W/O. Mr. Debabrat Barman 06/03/1986 M.A. PGT (Asst.Teacher) 4
35. Mr. Gunindra  Baruah S/O. Lt. Narahari Baruah 30/10/1972 M.Sc. PGT (Asst.Teacher) 16




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